We live by some simple rules. Never skimp on high quality ingredients. Take pride in every soda we serve. And always serve it ice cold. Keeping it simple keeps it good.

Pirate Pete’s Soda Pop Co is about slowing down and taking the time to savor the experience. Our Soda is carefully crafted the old fashioned way, using only the best ingredients. The way it used to be—the way it still should be.

The best way to experience our soda is in our stainless steel mugs. Our wide mouthed, stainless steel mugs let your soda stay ice cold. They let the bubbles tickle your nose. And they let all the flavors and sweetness hit their spot. After all, that is what slowing down and savoring the experience is all about.

You can find Pirate Pete’s Soda Pop Co at the best festivals and special events, or talk to us about bringing the Pirate Pete’s experience to your own.